Why Smoking Weed is Bad for you

Everybody who has an addiction to Marijuana (weed/pot) will always tell you that it's hard to quit it. Although there are things you can do to help you quit the addiction, sometimes you just can't stay away from it and turn into a cold turkey before you know it.

But first let's talk about what you're addicted to. Marijuana, although not as potent as other drugs like heroine or cocaine, it still is a strong drug that cripples your mental will power. Research shows that there are no addictive substances or chemicals in Marijuana, it's the psychological effect of being in a false sense of euphoria which makes you want to have more and more. But the more you take, the more you get resistance to the drug, which in turn makes you take a larger amount of Marijuana.

Take action today and learn ways to stop smoking weed!

Acknowledge your addiction:
This is essential because if you don't acknowledge that you have a problem then you don't have the will power to do so.

Remember it's a psychological effect not a physical effect that comes from the drug.

Ask for help:
It may seem obvious but it's one of the first things you must do in order for you to effectively stop/quit smoking weed.

Ask help from your friends that are not addicted to marijuana and/or family to help you stop smoking pot.

Plan ahead:
Planning ahead can make it easier for you to stop.

If you decide to suddenly stop you would probably go back to smoking weed again since you can't handle the after effects of stopping.

Marijuana is slowly destroying you and people around you:

Personality changes / mood swings:

  • Smoking weed can either intensify your underlying personality disorders or you can either shift from being the happiest person on earth to the most depressed one. 

  • Marijuana gives you a false sense of euphoria, sort of an escape from the real world.

  • But you can only escape for a short time until the real world catches up to you and it will affect your life and everybody who's connected to you.

Dangerous chemicals:

  • Although as the writer stated earlier that marijuana is not as strong as other illegal drug, it has more cancerous substance than that of tobacco.

  • Smoking it can also alter your depth perception and slow your reflexes which can be a very big problem especially to those who are blue-collar workers.

  • It can also cause your heart to beat erratically, your eyes to be blood shot and your mouth to dry.

Good News! We have a solution for you with ways to stop smoking weed so you could:

Enjoy life!

You can enjoy life fully since you are not wasting it on moping around and being high all the time to do what you always wanted to do.

Go to a date with your girlfriend, have a party for your friends, attend a wedding or a soccer match, go skydiving with friends and so much more.

There is so much out there in the world, and you don't have to waste it on marijuana.

Feel healthy!

Aside from avoiding the harmful substances that you can get from marijuana you can also live a healthy life. After quitting you can run/jog or do sports such as basketball, soccer, or football.

And knowing you’re not shortening your lifespan on a drug that only gives you a temporary sense of euphoria.

If you want to make this exciting change in your life and quit your smoking addiction, we encourage you to visit this site for ways to stop smoking weed